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Pinheads Interactive is a VR app development company based in Singapore. We are a VR company in Singapore with state-of-the-art technology. This has enabled our clients across many industries to make full use of evolving technologies. We believe 3D virtual tours and 360 videos can help transform our clients’ businesses. Through our dedicated team, we provide unparalleled quality for content in the space of VR, AR, MR and E-Learning. Our goal, as a VR company in Singapore, is to provide creative, interactive and impactful experiences for people and organisations!

We develop high-quality 3D virtual tours, 360 videos, games development, and E-learning resources. We are also venturing into building key products that provides value.

With over 12 years experience, we have mastered E-learning and games development. In 2017, new tech trends such as 360 videos and VR started to pickup. It was then that the company started to explore VR and 3D virtual tours.

Today, we have set up 2 virtual reality app development offices. These offices are located in both Singapore and Malaysia. We had produced content for various industries and sectors. Our belief is to provide total turnkey solutions for clients. 

Our Story

Pinheads Interactive started as a production house in 2007. Since then, it has grown to become an established development studio. We move on to develop e-learning course ware for government sectors.

Instructional scaffolding was applied in our apps for education. We then bring technology and creativity to give life to our content. Through this, we created modules that is both engaging and immersive for users.

By 2017, we have decided to move the company in a new direction to become a VR app development company. The team begin to experiment on new trending technologies.

Our focus shifted to the improvement of business processes using AR or VR. As a VR company in Singapore, we took up virtual tour photography and 360 photos projects.

That’s how we got started. Using what we learned, we can provide our clients with a better solution. A solution that tackles today’s problems that businesses face.

Our Promise

Our focus is to provide new solutions to existing challenges. We want to adopt an aura of innovation in our agency.

Our content solutions ensure seamless transition with your processes. We have worked for sectors such as real estate, education, training, and sales.

Our team share the same passion to implement the latest technology. For this reason, we aim to be the top tech content provider in the world.

“We live in a world of limitless possibilities.” – Wayne Fun, Founder of Pinheads Interactive Pte Ltd

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The VR App Development Team in Bali
Experience and Flexibility

Over the years, we worked with enterprises and startups of various sizes. We help to transform our clients’ ideas into reality.

Our clients come from a wide range of sectors. Our main clienteles are education, HR, healthcare, sales and government. 

Highly Proficient

We offer a vast range of technical expertise to our clients. Our main aim is to deliver excellent content beyond industry standards. That’s why we don’t accept sub-par efforts in our projects regardless of the scale.

Diverse Services

Our services range from VR app development and other content solutions. We also offer services in extended reality technology. These are ranging from 3d virtual tours, VR apps or 360 degree videos. Depending on requirements, the best approach is used to satisfy project needs.

Quality Contents

We stress the importance on our belief in quality over quantity. Our team adopts an agile framework and ensures no misses in project deadlines. Despite restrictions, we still meet the objectives to our best abilities.

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The team's exited to try on the new VR Oculus Quest headset

Interested in working with us to transform your business with Augmented, Virtual or Mixed Reality? Feel free to contact us by simply clicking the button and send us your ideas now.

Our Services

AR, VR and 3d virtual worlds are no longer just for entertainment. Forward-thinking companies are finding ways to apply it in their business.
They can adopt it to solve problems, reduce risk, and gain a competitive edge. This lead big brands to consider deep immersive application development.

Our Achievements

Our virtual reality app and e-learning projects that have earned us achievements.
These projects have allowed us to showcase our development experience and brought us more potential clients.

Digital Inclusion Festival

We are honored to be invited to the Digital Inclusion Festival 2019. This festival was organized by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

More than 13,000 visitors came to the event. They hoped to learn how VR technology will serve to resolve today’s problems. The floor plan and event highlights noted some interesting activities. Most importantly, we were able to showcase our VR based app, ‘CyberWorld Adventures’. The development of the project was in collaboration with APSN.

The VR course ware was designed to educate students in special needs schools. APSN wanted to highlight the importance of cyber wellness to their students. Therefore, students get to learn how to protect themselves in a virtual world.

As a result, they will learn how handle situations in the cyber world. Some examples are how to set strong passwords or identify fake news. They will also learn to manage cyberbullies. At the end, they will learn the consequences of their digital footprint.

The project attracted positive media coverage. These range from local media companies such as Straits Times, Channel News Asia and many more. Read the full report about it here.



Gold Innergy Award

We collaborated with the Ministry of Education (MOE) Arts Education Branch to promote Singapore’s Local artist and artwork.

We created a mobile app for students to use their creativity to create meaningful artwork while learning about local art.

With our app, we were able to transform step-by-step instructions into visuals that captivate students’ attention and imagination.

Our hard work produced outstanding results and helped this app to achieve the Gold Innergy Award for MOE.


Over the years, we have worked on various projects. These projects consist of some E-learning, mobile applications and web development. However, we also started some virtual and augmented reality projects. Some of our VR applications use 360 videos for 3D virtual tours. Internally, we are also doing our own products. They involved mobile app development and virtual reality games.


Various types of MR and VR technology used. The most important piece in the hardware VR package is the headset. The mask that goes over your eyes like a thick pair of goggles.
More costly, higher-quality headsets need to be linked to a computer. Many cheaper ones use a clipped earphone at the headset’s end. The mid-tier devices, like the Oculus GO, are stand-alone devices.
These devices support development of immersive user experience. Some are suitable for 3d virtual tours and gaming apps.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest

Oculus Go

Oculus Go



Valve Index VR

Valve Index VR

Magic Leap (MR)2

Magic Leap (MR)



Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

Google Daydream

Google Daydream View

Our Clients

Our clients believe in our expertise as a top VR app development company. We have worked with many of them on high-quality projects.
Many of our clients came from education and government sectors. However, we are starting to receive more corporate projects.
Our solutions bring value to departments such HR, sales and more. These projects changed their business structure and also impact the world around us.


Let us help you transform your business