Merging functionality with design

Wincor Nixdorf needed a public facing website that is easy to maintain and manage. As an MNC, their offices are spread across a wide area of operation with multiple teams managing their regional and local retail site in different time-zone, languages, and contents.

The needed a website that can be controlled centrally while allowing the local managers to manage their respective public facing sites that have different content and even languages.

Using an open-sourced framework, we deploy a multi-site CMS solutions that enable all their criteria to be met.

  • Category: .................. Web Design
  • Client: .................... Wincor Nixdorf

– What Next? –

Whether it’s developing a web strategy for a startup or designing a full-fledged enterprise solution for a large corporation, our team takes our job seriously. We begin with the gap analysis, understand our client’s requirements, then work on finding the solutions to be deployed to meet our client’s objective. If you have a similar project like this, feel free to start a conversation with us. Remember, every successful project begins somewhere, no matter big or small.

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