virtual reality real estate in singapore (1)


Renolution is an interior design company in Singapore that strives to provide the best for their customers. They ensure that the renovation process is fun and enjoyable for their customers. They wanted to have a virtual tour so that potential customers can view the entire apartment on the spot.

This would help their potential customers make a more informed decision, speeding up the whole buying process. The virtual tour also allows their potential customers to have a better visualization of how spacious the apartment is and have the experience to view the apartment themselves. 


In order to help Renolution, we developed a virtual tour using VR. The virtual tour enables their potential customers to view how the interior of the actual apartment would look like. Our virtual tour allows users to move and walk freely in a pre-setup space.

With the virtual tour, customers are able to interact with the real environment of the apartment. They are able to change the furniture, colours, patterns and textures of the walls according to their preferences.

The virtual tour provides them with the opportunity to see the home in real life after it is being renovated. This helps Renolution’s potential customers to be able to get an idea of the whole look of their new home.

Renolution’s customers who have tried our virtual tour were impressed at how they could easily view the interior design of their future home with the virtual tour. They mentioned that the virtual tour helps them to give more confidence when deciding whether they want to purchase the home.

This allows them to decide on purchasing the home even faster. Renolution was happy with the outcome of the virtual tour as most of their customers could speed up the buying process.

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