VR App Development Project - Library


As one of the world’s top universities, National University of Singapore (NUS) ensures that they provide the best facilities for their students. NUS decided to provide new library facilities for their students so that their students will be able to study in a better environment.

However, in order to do that, NUS wanted to get additional funding for the new library facilities from their stakeholders. This was why NUS were looking for vendors who could help to make an impressive presentation.

They wanted an impressive walkthrough to showcase their new library facilities on the web to garner interests from their stakeholders. They requested for a solution that can create an impactful impression and excite the stakeholders in getting to know the new library facilities better.


Instead of just creating a web walkthrough, we proposed to develop an innovative Virtual Reality (VR) walkthrough that provides a more immersive experience for their stakeholders. This is because with a VR walkthrough, it enables their stakeholders to be able to experience the facilities and have a deeper understanding of the more hi-tech functions of the facilities.

With the VR walkthrough, users can not only visualise the library, but also get to interact and have a better understanding and visualization of the features that the facilities have to offer. Their stakeholders felt that the VR walkthrough was very helpful for them to visualize the facilities in the new library.

This helped them to understand each facility in the new library very easily. They were also fully impressed at the innovative presentation that we have specially created for NUS. Their stakeholders were able to go through a whole new experience while learning more about the facilities of the new library.

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