App Development Project - NTUC Foodfare


NTUC Foodfare decided to participate in a bid for the SAF Tender. They wanted to install their cafeteria catering arm in various SAF base camp. However, their institutional catering arm does not have a lot of public awareness. Due to this, they wanted a complete marketing package that showcases their capabilities.

That was when they decided to engage a vendor to work on their presentation materials. Some of the important materials that NTUC Foodfare wanted to showcase in the presentation was their competitive advantage, benefits of their catering arm, the look of their installation as well as their professional workforce.  


Initially, NTUC Foodfare came to us to suggest that we create an impressive PowerPoint presentation design. However, we felt that PowerPoint presentation lacks the surprise element which will not lead to a great impact on their potential client.

So, instead of just designing a PowerPoint presentation, we took the extra mile to create a video. The video allows NTUC Foodfare to establish their capabilities.

As many of their proposals are hard to visualize with just PowerPoint presentation, we also created a customized 3D visualization tour of the canteen. The customized 3D visualization tour of the canteen allows the evaluation committee to walk through the 3D canteen. This enables them to see how NTUC Foodfare will transform their canteen in the 3D world.

We also produced a comprehensive booklet that contains all of their certifications, value proposition and proposals in detail for them to review at their leisure.

We are glad that we were able to provide value based on their project without incurring more cost to them. In the end, SAF was fully impressed with the whole presentation that we created for NTUC Foodfare. 

They felt that NTUC Foodfare’s presentation was on another level. Due to this, NTUC Foodfare managed to receive the SAF Tender. 

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