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Being one of the well-known British luxury automobile makers, Rolls-Royce ensures that they can provide an exceptional customer experience. Throughout the years, Rolls-Royce has been developing ground-breaking technologies. 

Rolls-Royce has a huge visitor centre in the UK where they showcase their capabilities to their visitors. Majority of the products that they display at the centre includes their aerospace products such as engines for aircraft. 

However, Rolls-Royce felt that it is complex to explain and let customers visualize how their products really work through photographs or blueprints. They wanted to revamp their presentation kit to make it more interactive and deliver the content better to their visitors. 



Instead of revamping their presentation kit, we took the opportunity to sell them the idea of incorporating 3D renders into their presentation kit, a newly acquired capability from our in-house R&D then. 

We rebuild their PowerPoint which they previously used to present every information in a huge touch-screen panel at the entrance of their visitor centre into a 3D world. We decided to turn the PowerPoint into a customised 3D interactive wall showcase, providing a more interactive experience for their visitors. 

We also suggested that users wear a user interface gesture glove. The glove captures the users’ hand and finger movements. It also captures and process data very fast, enabling users to navigate, zoom in or out, and expand to see the various parts of the engine in real-time.

Due to this, Rolls-Royce gained positive feedbacks from their visitors. Most of their visitors found that they can understand the product concepts more easily as compared to just PowerPoint slides.

Besides, they found that showing the different layers and perspective of the products in 3D format has brought a new approach to how things can be presented. 

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