Foodfare commissioned us to beautify their powerpoint slide so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing and more professional. After looking through their materials, we felt that the powerpoint doesn't do their presentation justice

We convinced them to create a fully customized presentation instead.

We created a capability video to captures viewer imagination. Any future plans presented in the proposal will appears in viewers mind-eye as professional, polish and efficient as per the video.

Instead of still visuals, we recreate their plan in interactive 3D so that the viewers can navigate, zoom in and visualize the ideas in a concrete manner.

We wrap off the presentation kit with a thick booklet packed with their solid proposal and certification for the viewers to digest on their own leisure.

  • Category: .................. 3D Interactive Marketing Print Videography
  • Client: .................... NTUC Foodfare

– We deliver solutions, not just services –

Foodfare came to us for simple design services but ended up with a full fledge customized presentation kit that delivers their pitch to the dot. We always looking for the opportunity to push the envelope, to nudge the project slightly in hope that it can realize it’s full potential. We are grateful to find a trusting client that we can work together to push the limit.

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