One of PUB’s main objectives was to provide awareness to water conservation. They felt that it would be good to educate the population starting from our young children to encourage good habits while they grow up.

The organisation targets children between the ages of 10-14 years old in Singapore. They wanted to teach children to conserve water through messages like, “Use a mug when brushing your teeth” or “Turn off the tap properly after using it” on their website banners. However, it is easy to miss out on such messages and it doesn’t help children to retain the knowledge.


We proposed to create an interactive E-Learning game to spread the messages about saving water for children. As the majority of young children love playing games, we felt that they will be able to learn better through interesting games.

Player can take on the role of an avatar at home. His/her task is to move from one location to another in the house while tackling the different issues on water wastage.

Through the usage of the E-Learning game, the children will have to internalize the messages related to conserving water  if they want to do well in the game. The game allows the children to have a good understanding of the concept.

They were able to have fun playing the game while also learning more about what they should do to save water. Overall, PUB was satisfied with the E-Learning game that we have developed for them.

They felt that the E-Learning game is an effective resource to raise awareness about water conservation to young children in Singapore. The game also helps the children to be more interested in learning about the different ways that they can play a part in conserving water in Singapore.

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