The Ministry of Education (MOE) felt that it was important for students in Singapore to learn about the concept of cyber wellness. They wanted students to know how to protect themselves against cyberbullying, especially since cyberbullying has been a common issue in Singapore. 

In order to do so, they wanted to engage the students in Singapore on the topic of cyber wellness. However, they needed a different approach to engage the diverse and broad-based student body on the non-academic subject.



To help MOE achieve their objectives, we proposed to create a non-linear story-based game. The storytelling resource transport players to a brain world where they will be able to seek clues to navigate through a complex real-life simulation.

Using the concept of game books, players take on the role of the various protagonists in the stories. They will have to make difficult choices in their conversations throughout the game.

The story will progress based on their own choices. The player teleports into their brain world to seek information and review their understanding of the concept of cyber wellness.

MOE felt that the storytelling E-Learning game is a good way to educate students on cyberbullying. Based on the scenarios, it allows them to take on actions that reacts with certain situations and retain their knowledge.

This way, it is more effective than just giving them information about cyber wellness. The students also enjoyed learning in the process of going through the resource and had a lot of fun.

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