Ministry of Education Singapore (MOE) aims to mould the future of the nation by shaping the people who will help to achieve that goal. They ensure that they are able to provide the students in Singapore with a well-rounded education.

 MOE Social Studies team wanted to find a way to enable students to learn and apply the concept of map studies in a fun and engaging way. They wanted the students to learn the various aspects of the concept and how to apply it practically. Due to this, they wanted to engage a vendor to develop interactive E-Learning resources for the students. 


We proposed to develop E-Learning resources for the school to better engage the students during lessons. We took a story-based approach to the project. After understanding the learning objectives of the concept of map studies, we transformed the learning objectives into specific tasks. 

The students are required to learn more about the concept through a series of story introductions and animation explanation examples that we have created. Once the students understood the learning objectives, they will have to apply them in a few fun and interactive mini-games. 

We also implemented an adventure storyline framework to put together all of the learning objectives. Professional voice-over artists were commissioned to act as various characters and give life to the resources. 

This encourages an increase in the engagement levels of the students. The students were able to relate to the characters better as they are of similar age and have the same motivation and interest. Overall, positive feedbacks were received. 

Teachers also commented that the step-by-step interactive games allowed students to learn the subject easier. This is because they were able to learn one concept at a time and have the opportunity to practice in bite-size before they move on to a more complex subject. 

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