Developed Mobile App for MOE


The National Gallery Singapore is an art museum that fosters and inspires a thoughtful, creative and inclusive society. MOE Arts Education Branch, in collaboration with the National Gallery Singapore, needed an interactive mobile app.

This will allow students to create art in an interesting and meaningful way while also learning more about the subject. MOE wanted to do so to promote the local artists in Singapore and their artwork to more youths. This is to allow the youths in Singapore to appreciate and be more interested in the local art.



The key to the success of this project was to focus on teaching fundamentals. We planned a lot of instructional scaffolding and translated methods of instructions into a digital flow, enabling students’ attention and imagination to be captured.

With our mobile app, students are able to experience the history of how Singapore River came to be through different timelines. It introduces various interesting spots to the students as they walk along the Singapore River with the app itself.

Some of the features are that students can use paint tools to draw and colour and also, scale and rotate shapes or images.

They will also be able to download images online to the app and share their completed artwork on social media. Using the application, students can use their imagination and creativity to create the look of the Singapore River 20 years later.

As a result of our highly interactive mobile app, MOE was awarded the Gold Innergy Award. Students who have used the application felt that it was really fun to use. They really loved the features of the mobile app and think that it will help more youths to have more interests in the local art.

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