AR App Development Project - CHC


The Chinese Heritage Centre provides Multimedia Guided Tour and Docent Guided Tour where visitors can experience the life of Chinatown. Through these guided tours, the Chinese Heritage Centre aims to improve the knowledge and understanding of the ethnic Chinese communities in various parts of the world.

They also do so through exhibitions, collection of historical and academic materials as well as community outreach activities. The Chinese Heritage Centre wanted to provide a better experience for tourists to learn about the various Chinese culture, heritage and history in different parts of the world.


We created an Augmented Reality (AR) heritage trail app where users can explore different Chinese cultural tourist attractions and learn more information about the Chinese culture in Singapore. The AR heritage trail app also engages users through various interesting mini games and quizzes to further enhance their knowledge about local Chinese customs and traditions.

The app can also guide the users to each Chinese cultural tourist attractions that they are interested to visit. This ensures that users can easily find their way to go to their locations. Some other unique features about the app is that visitors can bring 3D animated characters to life.

The characters will provide interesting information about the various Chinese cultural tourist attractions. Users are also able to capture the beautiful sceneries of Chinatown and share them with their friends and family on social media platforms.

Overall, the tourists loved the AR heritage trail app that we have created for the Chinese Heritage Centre. They find that the app is very fun to use and that it really engages them. They felt that the app has made their learning journey more enjoyable and they are satisfied with the heritage trail.

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