3 Best 360 Cameras For Real Estate In 2020

3 Best 360 Cameras For Real Estate In 2020

Real estate is now easier to advertise than before as long as you have the right tools to showcase the property in question. Right now, one of the real estate industry’s game-changing pieces of tech is 360-degree cameras.

This piece of equipment allows real estate companies to show potential buyers rooms in the property as if the person was physically there.

This revolutionary piece of tech effectively gives buyers a virtual tour, allowing them to check out the place through 360 videos and decide whether it is worth paying a physical visit.

The 360 virtual tours can be published on company websites as a marketing tool, allowing site visitors to visualize and experience the interiors of the properties.

In this article, we are going to review 3 popular 360-degree cameras currently available and give you our opinion on which one is the best 360-degree camera for real estate in 2020.

1. GoPro Fusion

GoPro has long been the camera of choice in the extreme sports action cam market sector. Now, this amazing camera is also popular within the real estate sector. In particular, we are talking about the GoPro Fusion.

One of the plus sides to this 360-degree came known for its excellent video recording capabilities. The key advance is that it has been produced by a brand well-vintage for those in the real estate industry.

GoPro Fusion

Here are some other features:
· Full Wi-Fi
· Delivers 5.2K/30fps footage
· Produces high-quality 18MP 360 images
· Has time-lapse recording
· 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee
· Height 24.2cm, Width, 10.3cm, Diameter 10.8cm
· Weighs only 226g

It’s also worth mentioning that the GoPro Fusion comes with an ‘angel mode’ that will remove the ‘selfie stick’ from the picture – perfect for taking 360-degree snapshots.

GoPro Fusion retails at around $900 SGD and is probably the best 360-degree camera for real estate if you don’t want to flood your bill of expenses while also equipping your real estate business with a quality 360-degree camera.

Check out the video below to see GoPro Fusion in action.

2. GoPro Max

The GoPro Max is said to be the smarter, easier-to-use 360-degree camera. It comes with an excellent mobile app, is adored for its brilliant image stabilization and has great audio.

It is waterproof and has keyframe-based reframing controls as well. It is a hybrid camera with 2 dedicated modes – “Hero” mode and 360-degree camera mode.

GoPro Max

Its key 360-degree camera capability is the ‘Max Hyper Smooth’ feature which gives you unbreakable stabilization via 360-degree capture. There’s also a PowerPano feature on this camera that enables you to capture 270-degree panoramic images without distortion.

Here are some of the features:
· Full Wi-Fi
· 16.6 megapixels
· 1440p high definition
· Continuous shooting up to 30 frames per second
· 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee
· Height 6.9cm, Width, 6.4cm
· Weighs only 226g

The GoPro Max retails at around $740 SGD, which is a slightly cheaper option in comparison to the GoPro Fusion.

3. Samsung Gear 360

The original Samsung Gear 360 was released in the coexistence with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge; however, there is a newer version now.

The new Samsung Gear 360 is much slimmer and bigger than its original version. It can shoot 4K videos, though its image quality is not as good as the GoPro Fusion.

Samsung Gear 360

Its main highlight is that it has not one, but two 180-degree cameras. The Samsung Gear 360 is the cheapest option in our list – retailing at only around $348 SGD.

Here are some of the features:
· Full Wi-Fi
· Immersive 360 Cam High-Res Video and Photo
· Time-Lapse Video Real 360 Event Logging
· F2.0 Dual Lenses Clear in Low Light
· High Resolution 3840×1920 Video
· Weighs only 226g
· Height 5.6cm, Width 6.1cm, Diameter 6.cm
· 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee

If you are looking for an affordable camera to capture 360 degrees footage, then the Samsung Gear 360 is undoubtedly the best 360 camera at its price point.

Our Verdict

Although it’s the most budget-friendly option in our list, the Samsung Gear 360 produces the lowest image quality in comparison and would not provide the most impressive 360-camera shots.

While the GoPro Max is more of a multi-use camera, its dual functionality does have its uses within the real estate industry.

However we feel, in terms of functionality and price, the GoPro Fusion is the best 360-degree camera for real estate out of the three that we have reviewed here.

Our Winner GoPro Fusion

If you would like to create an immersive 360 video for your business, feel free to drop us a message.