Pinheads. Designs that smart.

Frequently asked questions we like to get out of the way first.

The most stinging question of them all: What exactly do we do?
We are an agency who create interactive media. All our designs bear our signature pin-scratches. They are carefully crafted to grab the attention of their targeted audience, ensuring that the message hits the pin on its head and is successfully delivered, all the while being thoroughly enjoyable (for the client and the audience, that is).

With our interactive designs, our clients will be assured of direct feedback from their target audiences, giving them the opportunity for improvement, and better service. And everybody gets to have fun. Even us, the designers, Pinheads.

Meet Our Creative Team

What was that? “Why Pinheads?”

Well, to put it bluntly, designers’ lives are like a bed of roses … with the thorns still attached. If you made a living wrenching idea off your head all the time, you’d be feeling pins in your head at times too.

We hear you ask “Why is it so difficult, so torturous, so … pinful?”
Because we never settle for anything less. We work hard for the designs to work, for designs that get messages across in an efficient, interactive and fun-filled way.

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– Happy Clients –

Happy clients make us happy and in turn, we will try our best to make them even happier. Hence the happy go round cycles began. We are constantly seeking for miracle projects, regardless of the stage, the scale and the industry you are in. We are wide awake when we see an unpolish ideas. Let us know if you are happy with our service and join the ranks of our happy clients.